How much does a pie cost?
Thanksgiving pies cost $25 each, the cost of four nutritious meals for one of our clients. And $15 of each pie is tax deductible!


What is the last day to purchase a pie?
The last day to purchase a pie online is Saturday, November 18th. But you are always welcome to make a donation to Lifelong!


I want to contribute, can I do this online?
Yes! You can make a general donation online here.


Can I ship a pie to someone outside of Seattle?
Sorry, the pies are available only at the specified locations around Seattle.


What kinds of pies are available?
We have three kinds. A tasty (and classic) pumpkin pie, and a Canadian butter tart, made using our Chef’s grandmother’s special recipe (and it’s gluten-free!), as well as our new addition, Theo chocolate pie.  And of course all pies are made with plenty of love.  


Where and when can I pick up my pie?
Pick up your pie Tuesday, November 21nd or Wednesday, November 22rd at any of our listed pick-up locations. However, if you order 20 or more pies, we’ll deliver those pies to you. So the more pies, the merrierSee our "Bulk Order" process for details.


What if I can't make it to a pick-up location?
You can have a friend or family member pick up your pie for you (so long as they have your order number).  If you are unable to get your pie, it will be donated to an individual or family. Please let us know if you’re unable to pick it up.